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Not only a flower basket of the Southwest region, City. Sa Dec (Dong Thap) is also famous for the village of making traditional flour for over 100 years. Located on the gentle Sa Giang river, Sa Dec powder village is famous for its outstanding quality and unique flavor that is hard to match.

Sa Dec is a land endowed by nature, with its geographical position between the two rivers Tien and Hau rivers in the Mekong Delta, along with a cramped canal system, convenient for both waterway traffic and Road. As a bridge between the two largest rice granaries in the country, Dong Thap Muoi and the Long Xuyen quadrangle, Sa Dec has long been concentrated in many rice trading and processing enterprises.

No one knows exactly when the flour village was born, just know that since ancient times, with abundant rice materials available, during leisure time, Sa Dec farmers have created the way flour, from there to be made into cakes and fibers for rich meals.

Especially, when the Tien river flows into Sa Dec, it forms Sa Giang river with neutral pH, not acidic due to alum, not brackish due to salinity. Thanks to this fresh river water, when combined with the fertile rice grains of the Mekong River Delta, Sa Dec is white, smooth, smooth, flexible, and fragrant.

The first flour hamlet was born in Sa Dec, located in Tan Phu Dong commune, later spread to the communes of Tan Quy Dong, Tan Khanh Dong, Tan Quy Tay, ward 2, ... in the peak time. There are families who have spent 3-4 generations working as a flour profession.

Currently, the village has nearly 350 households producing flour with more than 2,000 workers, mainly in Ward 2, Tan Quy Tay Commune and Tan Phu Dong, supplying 30,000 tons of rice flour each year.

In the past, households made goods by hand, grinding flour by stone mill. It took all day to complete all stages, so the output and quality of the powder were not guaranteed. In recent years, people have mechanized the production process, thus reducing labor costs, lowering product costs, and improving the output and quality reputation of Sa Dec brand name.

Previously, households making goods by hand are now mechanized

The first step of the flour making process is to wash the rice, remove impurities, dirt, and cling to the broken rice grains.

The time to make the finished dough is greatly shortened and it helps reduce labor thanks to the development of science and technology.

Next, after being cleaned, the rice grains are passed through the mill to grind them, creating a beautiful milky white liquid rice powder. The liquid rice flour is then put into a centrifuge bowl to separate the water, dry it, to form white powder patches. After that, the dry powder continues to be put into the bowl to beat it so that it is smooth, smooth, then finally put into the filter tank.

At this last stage, the special role of Sa Dec river water is brought into play. River water, after being pumped up and deposited alum will be mixed with beaten powder in the filter settling tank. At this time, according to the heirloom secret, the dough maker adds a bucket of oily water to the tank, which is ground and combed from the hibiscus leaves, now thanks to scientific application, people use carrageenan sediment extracted from algae. sea. This is an absolutely safe additive for food production that gives a higher rate of powder recovery, white, and no residue of heavy metals.

Filter drums where starch rises above and by-products sink below.

After a few hours of soaking, this mixture slowly changes, impurities, by-products sink to the bottom of the tank, while the pure starch is floating on top. Depending on the way of making each furnace in this stage, the quality of the finished product will vary.

After the fresh flour has been obtained - the type used for the noodle oven, the noodle oven to make the noodles, the fresh noodles - the Sa Dec dough maker also produces the dry powder that can be packed and sent for sale. Factories, baking factories, pasta, fibers ... The drying process requires doughers to add to the drying process, equally arduous and arduous.

The fibers are made from Sa Dec powder

The villagers compare the drying of flour as "taking care of their children" because of the hard work and meticulousness of this stage. After being finished, fresh powder is left in the storage tank, left overnight and then "broken" into pieces and put out to dry in the sun. This work sounds simple but in fact requires a lot of effort and patience. The most difficult thing is the sun and rain. Whenever I see a little change in rain, I have to gather the powder in it. If I don't just let it get wet, the powder will become moldy, unable to sell, and then take it out to dry when it's sunny.

Everywhere in the village is flour drying.

Food is processed from Sa Dec chewy powder that is soft and delicious. Currently, this place is the hub to supply flour for the western provinces, Ho Chi Minh City, the Southeast, and to export to Southeast Asian countries and some European countries.

Creates irresistible delicacies

Attractive folk cakes

Self-destructing straws made from Sa Dec powder

Over 100 years of establishment and development, the flour craft village has become one of the interesting tourist destinations of Dong Thap attracting many tourists to visit. Despite going through many ups and downs, but with many favorable natural factors, over the past century, people here have created rice flour products with their own values, hardly any place can match, contribute. part to preserve and promote one of the most famous traditional craft villages in the region.


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