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Weekly specialties of Dong Thap province on the e-commerce floor of Tiki will be launched from September 13 - 20, 2020 at https://tiki.vn/cua-hang/clb-dac-san-dong-thap

This activity aims to concretize the agreements between the leaders of Dong Thap province and e-commerce channels.

After a period of preparation, Dong Thap Specialty Club has attracted more than 20 businesses and establishments to participate with 135 specialty products of the province. The product groups participating in the "Dong Thap specialty weekly week on the Tiki e-commerce floor" include processed products: rice-based products such as vermicelli, pho, rice noodle, vermicelli; shrimp crackers, products processed from fruits and vegetables such as dried fruits, lotus, custard-apple, fruit peel jam, products processed from agricultural products such as dried, fish sauce; Handicraft products such as dried lotus flowers, essential oils, ... The diversified product portfolio in "Dong Thap specialty week on Tiki e-commerce floor" will bring many interesting and convenient choices. easy for millions of users across the country who want to buy specialty products of Dong Thap province.

After the above time, information about Dong Thap specialties on Tiki continues to be maintained and managed by Dong Thap Specialty Club, directly updating products in the coming time./.

Minh Trang - P.QLTM

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